Our mission is to help organizations and schools thrive as they strengthen their community.

Bon Partners is a collection of highly skilled and experienced professionals committed to helping our clients achieve their mission.  We leverage the unique skills of our consultants to make sure that each organization’s distinct challenges are met by the right expertise.  At Bon Partners our goal is simple: to help you.

We help organizations achieve their mission. We help individuals build effective leadership skills and grow their own talents. We help leaders clarify their most critical priorities.

Helping talented professionals build their capacity isn’t always easy. It can be tough creating new habits and trying new skills. It takes practice and patience to master even the most foundational skills. And that work never stops. For some reason, we sometimes forget this even when we know it to be true. Think for a moment about elite performers you admire, be they athletes or musicians or leaders. The most skilled golfers don’t stop practicing putting because they’re great; the most skilled pianists don’t stop practicing technique because they are performing around the world. The same is true of great leaders. To accomplish what we know we’re capable of, we can always build our core gifts.

About Eric Molho
Eric 01Bon Partners is led by Eric Molho, a talented consultant and trainer.  Eric strives to help schools and organizations achieve their mission and strengthen our communities.

Before entering consulting, Eric gained extensive business experience at 3M and Target as well as non profit and public sector experience at the Minneapolis Public Schools. He is a certified Fierce® Conversations trainer and a gifted public speaker. Eric has a B.A. from St. Olaf College and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan Business School.

Here are a few comments from participants who participated in recent training programs Eric has delivered:

Most specific content that could apply to all size organizations and many situations.

Hands-down best session of the conference. Would do a full-day workshop on this.

Great, awesome, superb. Can’t say enough good things!

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