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Common Topics

Part of what makes our work together valuable, is making sure we’re developing learning objectives together that meet the specific needs of your organization.  Every culture and every office is unique, and we want to make sure we’re using the precious time you allot for professional development to meet your specific needs.  Some of the common areas that we most frequently support organizations include:

Difficult Conversations

While we all may recognize the need for difficult conversations, few of us have ever had the opportunity to actually learn how to tackle them.  At bon partners, we help you prepare effectively to address conversations that you don’t want to have.  We’ll help you practice and give you specific, actionable tools that can lead to more productive, and truly valuable, conversations.

Retreat and Meeting Planning

Flip ChartWhether its time to set annual goals, review strategic plans with the board or re-establish our norms of working together, a strategic meeting can provide great value when executed well (and be a complete waste of resources when done poorly).  At bon partners, we will help you be clear about your objectives and make sure you have the plans in place to achieve them.  We’ll provide facilitation and expertise to make your extended meeting powerful and engaging for all participants.


Perhaps they are weekly, or every other week.  The one-on-one meetings with have with colleagues, supervisors and staff are a ubiquitous part of our many office cultures.  At bon partners, we believe these conversations are the foundation to building the capacity of our teams and organizations.  We’ll help you change your regular touch base from a check list to a developmental tool; we’ll help you focus on what’s most important and provide practical tools for making better use of this critical time.

Large (and small) Group Facilitation

Meeting FacilitationGetting lots of people in the room can be a great opportunity to hear multiple view points and share ideas.  It can also allow some view points to be shut out of the conversation and negative repercussions.  There are ways to facilitate large group meetings that will hear everyone’s voice and respect everyone’s opinion.  We can help guide you through planning and delivering a successful conversation no matter how controversial the topic or how large the audience.