Professional Learning

At Bon Partners, we believe teaching adults should look different than a high school classroom or a lecture at a university.  We need to root our learning in the real-life challenges and day-to-day problems that hamper our effectiveness.  We need to practice–both during professional learning sessions and after–learning new skills if we want them to take hold.  We need to create learning environments where everyone is challenged and everyone feels the discomfort and excitement of learning new skills.

Some common professional learning projects include:

  • Retreats and Workshops
    Whether its time to set annual goals, learn new skills, or re-establish our norms of working together, a strategic meeting can provide great value when executed well (and be a complete waste of resources when done poorly).  At Bon Partners, we will help you be clear about your objectives and make sure you have the plans in place to achieve them.  We’ll provide facilitation and expertise to make your extended meeting powerful and engaging for all participants.
  • Board Training
    The board of directors is ultimately responsible for the success of our organization. Board members come with a variety of skills and backgrounds which makes their input particularly valuable.  This also means the board may not share all the necessary knowledge or skills required to succeed.  Bon Partners can provide direct training or coaching to board members to help align their support to the organization.