Stakeholder Engagement

Every organization depends on a broad array of stakeholders such as employees, donors and funders for many non-profits; teachers, families and students for schools.  Maintaining strong, healthy relationships with our stakeholders is essential work that can sometimes require focused attention.

Some common stakeholder engagement projects include:

  • Focus Groups
    As part of our outreach to stakeholders, it is often helpful to gather small groups of individuals together to participate in a structured, facilitated conversation. Working together, we will identify potential participants and create a robust interview guide that will help us gain insight into multiple perspectives.
  • Large (and small) Group Facilitation
    Getting lots of people in the room can be a great opportunity to hear multiple view points and share ideas.  It can also allow some view points to be shut out of the conversation and negative repercussions.  There are ways to facilitate large group meetings that will hear everyone’s voice and respect everyone’s opinion.  We can help guide you through planning and delivering a successful conversation no matter how controversial the topic or how large the audience.