Strategy Development

Whether it is launching a new idea or developing a multi-year strategic plan, every organization strives to plan carefully and thoroughly.  While day to day challenges almost always feel more urgent, it is critical that we invest time and resources to reflecting on our ultimate goals and strategies from time to time.

Bon Partners can help your organization through a variety of strategy development tools.  We will begin by working together to clarify the objective of the project.  Together we will develop a robust work plan that guides us to an outcome that is most beneficial to your needs.

Some common strategic development projects include:

  • Strategic Planning
    From time to time it is helpful to look at the future of our organization with a multi-year time horizon. The result should set priorities, focus energy, provide indicators of success and ultimately strengthen our ability to achieve our mission.  Whenever possible, we work with a Steering Team made up of approximately 7 – 12 people who are representatives of the organization’s foremost constituents. The purpose of this group is to champion the work and ensure the planning process and final outcome are rightly based on the organizations’ real needs.
  • New Initiatives
    Launching new programs and services is an exciting time that also carries some risk. Creating a robust plan that identifies key milestones and outlines potential contingencies is essential for success.