Bon Partners is deeply committed to achieving excellence in all schools.  We leverage the unique skills of our consultants to make sure that each school’s distinct challenges are met by the right expertise.

typical-classroom-scene-where-an-audience-of-school-children-were-seated-on-the-floor-725x482We have deep experience working with traditional public, charter public and private schools.  We are not going to sell you a curriculum or take over your professional development schedule.  We’re here to help you get your priorities completed.

Some recent projects with schools include:

  • Quality Reviews
    We conducted school quality reviews for three elementary schools to inform decisions regarding future viability and turnaround. Our process included reviewing academic data, interviewing staff, students and parents, conducting site visits and writing comprehensive reviews for each site.
  • Interim Leadership
    Bon Partners had the capacity to provide long-term support for three private schools transitioning to a new, coordinated, leadership model. During this time we designed academic strategy, provided direct coaching to school leaders, created and executed professional development calendar for staff.
  • School Specific Research
    A high performing Minnesota public charter school needed assistance in answering a strategic decision regarding single-gender education strategies. Bon Partners conducted academic research, analyzed student achievement data, interviewed school staff, leaders, students and parents and presented a report and recommendations for moving forward
  • Strategic Planning
    Bon Partners prepares strategic plans to guide the future growth and priorities of individual schools. We identify strategic priorities and action steps required for implementation.  Our projects include conducting financial analysis, analyzing student achievement data, interviewing school staff, leaders, students and parents.