bon partners

Facilitating. Developing. Building.

What we do

We do what any good partner should do:  help you address your needs by providing honest counsel and direct support.  Specifically, we roll up our sleeves to help you build the capacity of your organization by providing actionable, useful professional development.  Most frequently, we do this through training opportunities such as classes, seminars or retreats.  We also provide hands on facilitation and follow up support.

At bon partners, we believe teaching adults should look different than a high school classroom or a lecture at a university.  We need to root our learning in the real-life challenges and day-to-day problems that hamper our effectiveness.  We need to practice–both during professional development sessions and after–learning new skills if we want them to take hold.  We need to create learning environments where everyone is challenged and everyone feels the discomfort and excitement of learning new skills.

To accomplish this, we have to learn about you!  While we have some common tools and topics that can apply in many settings, it’s critically important that we learn about the reality of your organization to customize the learning experience to be as relevant as possible.  Clear learning objectives and defined outcomes are essential to successfully working together and strengthening the skills of your team.